Special trek to Lalibela Hudad Eco Lodge

ETT 140- Special trek to Lalibela Hudad Eco Lodge

ETT 141-3 Days at the Lalibela Hudad Eco-lodge

More details can be found here http://lalibelahudad.com/
Day 1. Fly to Lalibela and take the airport shuttle transfer to the town (40minute) and visit the rock hewn churches of Lalibela.
Lalibela is most famous for its churches. Visit the 12-13th century rock hewn churches called the ÌŽEighth wonder of the world Ì‹ which are still active places of worship and host many major religious ceremonies. The churches are carved out of solid rock, and each have unique architectural features. Take a wander through the tunnels and stairways linking the churches together.
After lunch trek or ride a mule up to the Hudad lodge positioned and take in our 360 degree views over the surrounding countryside. Pass through different villages and learn about local crops on different plateaus as you climb up for 2:30-3hours.
Spend the reminder of the afternoon watching black Ghelada baboons grazing and enjoy dinner around the campfire, enjoying a foot massage from the local people who will entertain you with the local traditional dance. Overnight at Hudad Eco-lodge
Day 2. You can trek to one of the villages close to the Hudad and learn about the life of the local people including faming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions.
You can also visit the church of Asheten Maryam (3150m altitude) which gives you more outstanding panoramic views of the area. The church is located at a an hour’s trek from the lodge.
Day 3. From the Hudad, you can hike 6 to 7 hours to visit YemrehaneKirstos church, which predates the Lalibela churches and was built using a completely different style of construction involving marble and wood. The church is built inside a cave and takes about 30 munites to visit. Visit the monastery and be met by the minivan to drive you back 42km to lalibela. Overnight Hotel Lalibela.
4 Days Trekking Lalibela Hudad, Abune Yousaf, Yimrhane Kirstos.
Day 1. Trek from Lalibela to Lalibela Hudad Eco-Lodge
Day 2. Trek from Lalibela Hudad to abune yousaf
Day 3. Trek from abune yousaf to Yimrehane kirstos
Day 4. Drive from Yemerehan Kirstos to Lalibela


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