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We offer a complete film shooting arrangements in Ethiopia for feature films, video films, documentary productions, corporate promotional videos, live event coverage, songs/music videos, fashion shoot, TV serials & commercial advertisement for both domestic as well as international producers/directors. Our team organizes a complete infrastructure such as searching the best shooting location in all parts of Ethiopia, arrange accommodation, transport, food, all necessary permits from respective government authorities, equipment on rent for film shooting, technicians, art director, film production manager, junior artists and dance groups as per requirement. We also arrange clearing and forwarding customs for necessary equipments while importing to Ethiopia.

Filming permit procedure is as follows:

Application Structure for Filming in Ethiopia A foreigner wishing to shoot film in Ethiopia should submit a written application to the Ministry of Information before arrival. The application shall contain, among other things:

• The name of the company

• The names, passport numbers, and nationalities of the film crew

• The purpose and title of the film

• The duration of the shooting and exact locations where it will take place

• The production costs of the film

• The name and telephone number of the contact person or organization in Ethiopia Along with the application, the applicant shall submit the following:

• A copy of the film’s script and/or the synopsis if it’s a feature or documentary film • Four copies of the list of equipment necessary for the shoot

• A passport size photograph at arrival A foreigner applying to shoot film in Ethiopia shall pay the Ministry of Information a permit fee. Where an applicant wishes to use an aircraft for shooting a film, he should obtain a flight permit from the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority. The application for filming should be addressed to the Ministry of Information’s Press License Department Notes

• The permit and letter to customs shall be issued immediately when the film’s crew members appear in person and sign an agreement to adhere to the conditions of permit and to respect the laws of the country.

• For more details, see film shooting permit Council of Ministers Regulations 66/2000.

For further information, do contact us.

Current News:

We are proud in providing logistic service to the Spanish film company shooting in Ethiopia

We have also worked with Al Jazeera, National Geography, Adenium TV, and are currently working with journalists and other companies for film tours.

Reported by Charles Stratford and photography by Michael Matlock of Al Jazeera

Franck Desplanques and Team: From the series “Rendez-vous in an Unknown Land”


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