Ethiopia – Land of Our Origins –

Ethiopia encompasses a profound, three-million-year chronicle of human identity. It is here, upon Africa’s sacred ground, humankind took its first breathe as Homo sapiens sapiens. Within Ethiopia, our ancestors stood upon two legs, took our first strides, and walked upright toward that new, ever-expansive horizon which draws us still. Ethiopian traditions, affirmed by the fossil record, indicate we are all siblings of this Australopithecus Eve –

Join Ethio Travel and Tours through one of Earth’s last great adventures. Specialists in history, archaeology, cultures, religions, wildlife, avifauna, geology, and ecologies unravel these stories, framing them within their broader historical and regional contexts. Delve into the mysteries and myths, the mountains and monuments, the men and women who continue to define this ever-shifting kaleidoscope being revealed as the ancient land called Ethiopia.

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