Bird Watching

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most prolific bird watching destinations. An astounding 862 recorded birds species can be found in Ethiopia. The most motivated ‘tickers’ come from all over the world to enhance their bird lists with Ethiopia’s many endemic species.

The bird populations swell between the months of November and February when some 200 species of Palaearctic migrants arrive from Europe and Asia to join the already abundant number of birds that can be found in Ethiopia.

ETT’s main tour takes birders across stunning landscapes as they explore the Great Rift Valley lakes, each teeming with its own microcosm of bird life. Next, ETT allows birders to explore the surrounding mountain forests, which support a wholly different selection of endemic birds. Ethiopia has the second highest number of endemic birds of any nation in the continent, but we won’t tell you who has more.

 ETT’s birding tours are guided by members of Ethiopia’s Wildlife and Natural History Society, making the identification of 69 important birding sites spread throughout the country easy to find. It is important to note that most bird watching itineraries travel through the South of the country, while an itinerary in search of all the Ethiopia endemic birds would take a minimum of 3 weeks. To be sure, a tour of 10-15 days would guarantee that you see most of the endemic and several hundred more species of birds.

Admitted, Ethiopia has its share of problems with deforestation and environmental issue, but the country still offers a completely unique bird watching experience, thereby setting it apart from other bird-watching destinations.

The itinerary below will give birders an idea of a typical bird route passing through the Rift Valley lakes as well as the Bale Mountains National Park. All ETT itineraries can be customized to fit your groups’ needs and availability.

Every year, Ethiopia attracts ‘tickers’ and wildlife lovers from around the world. Ethiopia’s feathered friends never fail to thrill bird lovers.

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